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Sweedish massage

Swedish Massage

A relaxing/holistic massage that aims on relaxing the body and mind. This technique has a slower pace and lighter touch and focuses on the whole body rather than specific areas.

Sports massage

Sports Massage

This treatment aims to relieve any tight or painful muscles aches, return you back to an activity and combats postural imbalances you may have from everyday activities.


Sometimes you have to just

Treat Yourself

Benefits of a massage

  • Treats postural imbalances
  • Relieves tight muscles
  • Delay onset of muscle soreness (Doms)
  • Decrease stress and vocational related tension


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What to expect at your massage

What to expect on my first visit? 

After filling out a health history and consent form the therapist will then ask general questions about any problems areas you would like to be worked on and what you expect to get from the massage to see which treatment suits you.

What to wear?

Easy removable clothing. If the lower part of the body is to be treatment loose fitting shorts is best or underwear if comfortable.

For ladies please wear a bra with an opening.

Do I need to be completely undressed? 

No, whatever you feel comfortable in. Wearing as little as possible round the treated area is best.